Preschool kids working on crafts and doing free play
All day long work, work, work...then free play!
Outdoor and indoor kids doing art projects getting hands messy
Getting our hands messy inside and outside!
Kids gardening
Hurry, we're hungry! We'll grow together.
Kids dancing and cooking
Swing your partner! Making zucchini bread
Kids art coloring and kids at schooltime learning to write and read
We all have our own ideas Big Jim makes learning fun!
Kids playing music with Big Jim and doing an art project for 2013
Playing music with Big Jim I always try my best!
Kids digging outside for treasure and kids hugging and laughing together
Digging for treasure Best buddies forever
Kids' artwork: a lizard and a drawing
This Week, Reptiles & Amphibians! My Dad's gonna love it!
Parents can teach too
Parents can join in anytime. Future gardeners of America!
Big Jim teaching writing and kids at an Easter egg hunt
Writing is like an art. Off to an egg hunt.
Mother's Day art and photo of children celebrating a birthday
Happy Mother's Day! Messes may be a good thing!
Child wearing a Christmas elf hat and children wearing Halloween masks
One of Santa's helpers. Ta Da!