"I can not imagine having my son at any other preschool. Not only are we SO blessed that Patti and Jim are our son's teachers, but all the other childen at Friendship House are so sweet and loving. I feel that Friendship House is such a great match, that I volunteer an hour each week to read to the kids. My heart swells everytime I am there. My favorite aspects about their preschool is that my son gets classroom time (Jim taught my son to read), he gets tons of outside time, gardens, and gets lots of independent play time to connect with his friends and learn social skills. My son is very shy and does not allow many people into his bubble and it has been truly amazing to watch him form friendships. His growth there has amazed me."
– Ellyn Toneys

"We have known Jim and Patti for 9 years. We found them in the phonebook when we were looking for childcare for our oldest daughter. When I went to check them out before placing my child I immediately felt like it was the right place for her. It was warm and homey and it had a very welcoming atmosphere. I had checked out other places and none of them gave me that since of peace that I felt when I went to Friendship House.

For me, as a parent, dealing with childcare decisions has been one of the hardest parts. Who can you leave your kids with that will be loving and nurturing when it is you that they can’t be with? Jim and Patti have made that easier. They love the kids like they are their own. I love the fact that they have very little TV time and that they always have arts and crafts supplies at their fingertips. Having a preschool curriculum helped my oldest be prepared for kindergarten and is helping my youngest be prepared when she goes to kindergarten in another year. They have helped shape my kids to who they are today. They work on manners, potty training and giving the kids a since of independence among other things.

When my oldest went to first grade we left Friendship House. After we left we had another child and we knew that when she was old enough that we wanted to return to friendship House and that is exactly what we did. We have been back for two years and it is like we never left. We won’t leave Friendship House until our daughter “ages out”. Even then we will have lifelong friends in Jim and Patti."
– Karen & Jeff

"Through the suggestion of a friend we were so fortunate to find Patti and Jim. Our family was welcomed upon our first visit where we observed the caring, loving and structured environment that Friendship House offers. I also fondly remember during that visit being approached by another mother, picking her child up for the day, saying ‘my son LOVES it here!’ At that point I knew we had found the right place for our son Garrett.

We have been at Friendship house now for almost three years and Garrett looks forward to going to school every day. This in my option is a very important step in establishing the groundwork for a successful student in the years to come. At Friendship House I love the teamwork approach Patti and Jim have created and believe it is one of the reasons their program is so great. Between the two of them the kids have a nice balance between class time, art and creative projects, outdoor adventures and gardening, story time, games and free playtime with their friends. There is always an emphasis on learning and being respectful to others.

I also appreciate that Friendship House is a small home structured program. Throughout each day with Patti and Jim I know Garrett receives plenty of attention and that’s comforting to parents who go off to work every day. They also provide opportunities for family involvement and keep us informed with a monthly newsletter that I look forward to reading each time. Friendship House is a wonderful place, an extended family filled with special teachers and longtime friends and we are very blessed to be a part of this program."
– Jennifer Clausen